Hey there! We have an alpha version of Released available now! https://app.released.xyz

Automate the release process of your software.

Software versioning, release notes, notifications, and publishing, all with one click.

How can Released help me?

Far too often, human emotions take over when it comes to deciding on the next version of your software.

"I don't really want to release a major version upgrade, it'll feel like the software is too unstable..."

How many times have you heard that?

In reality, humans should not be involved. Machines know everything about your software, so we can delegate decisions such as version numbering, release notes, etc to the machines.

Released makes the release portion of your software development lifecycle the easiest part of your day by delegating these decisions away from humans.

Git Providers

Released offers integrations with the three major Git hosting providers:

Github, GitLab, Bitbucket

Generated Version Numbers

Version numbers can be automatically generated based on the contents of the pull requests or commits message history contained in the release.

Team support

Teams, Roles, Permissions

Released comes with built-in support for Teams, including Roles & Permissions. This allows you to restrict functionality to certain members of your team.

Automatic Release Notes

Stop worrying about writing release notes after the fact. Released will generate release notes for your release automatically from the contents of your pull requests or commit message history.

Notify Your Customers

Setup notifications to let your customers know when a new version of your software is released.

Notifications are sent automatically once a release is published.

No need to install anything...

Released is a web-based SaaS application, so you can access it from anywhere in your browser.

No need to download or install anything onto your computer.

Released is a product of Oh See Media, built on top of RemoteAuth.

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